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Whether you need a simple app or an incredibly powerful custom mobile app for your organization, our easy to use mobile app builder will help you build an app everyone loves.

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Join now and start building your incredibly mobile app today. Apps have become the must-have tech accessory for many people, and a core part of forward-looking business marketing plans.

Food & Dining

Our partner Grand Apps was able to help their local pizza chain earn over $160,000 in revenue thanks to their mobile app.


It can be difficult to bring a community together. An app can help a long way in connecting with members, donors, and volunteers.

Ecommerce Design

How do you separate from your ecommerce competitors? One effective way is to use a mobile app as a marketing tool


A mobile app can serve as a unified communication channel between schools, parents and students.

Health & Beauty

This industry is highly competitive. A mobile app can help boost customer acquisition and retention.


Enable your ministry to reach more people with the Gospel. With an App, you can expect to see 5x more visitors.


Build it once. Run it anywhere.

Android, iOS, Web

Your time is precious. Spend more time on building a great app experience, and less time managing separate code bases and devices. Export cross-platform mobile apps that look, feel, and perform amazing across all modern phones and devices. Preview your projects live on your device. From anywhere.


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APPS Features

Build apps for small businesses in minutes. Choose great features, leave us the hassle.


Showcase your events from your Facebook page, Google Calendar or your own custom events.

e Commerce

The complete feature to sell online, from a single store to a chain of stores. Add an awesome store in your app.

QR Coupons

Create venues to your business or improve your newsletter opening by distributing your own QR Codes to your users.

Facebook Integration

Embed your social network pages in your app to gather all your information in one entry point.

Map Locations

A feature which will guide them through the GPS of their phone. Create a directory of points of interest.

Push Notifications

Contact your users whenever you want and whenever the need arises. It’s unlimited. Schedule your notifications to be sent on specific dates and times.

Live Radio

Create a Radio app or just let your users listen to their favorite radios, it's up to you.

onDemand Videos

Add a touch of multimedia within your app. Integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts.

RSS Feed

Entertain your users with info directly within your app, and drive traffic to your website.

Contact Form

Build your own forms to get leads, feedbacks and many other things.

Custom Page

Create a page with text, photo galleries, videos, address, sliders, click-to-call and email buttons, weblinks.


Monetize your app with ads through interstitial full screen ads or with classical banners.

what ? people say

“ Cell app builder is great and very easy to use. In just minutes I could create and publish my app. Excellent service. I recommend it 100%”
Eric Gerald Hernandez

TV Producer

“ Estamos muy contentos con nuestra Aplicacion. Ha sido de mucha bendicion. Podemos actualizarla al momento nosotros mismos en cualquier momento ”
Herbert Ruiz


Leadership Team

Here are key stakeholders focused on building our community

Jorge Ramirez
Founder President


Pedro Santiago
Founder General Manager


Ariel Acosta
UI Developer


Amaury Rodriguez
Sales Representative


Your Questions ?

A few things to know about creating apps with Cell Apps Builder


A big yes! Cell Apps Builder has been created for everybody to develop their apps.

Cell App Builder can be used by everybody. But as it's a whitelabel platform it is really appropriated to resellers, agencies and developers who want to create and sell mobile applications. Moreover, as we offer great marketing features, you can create really efficient apps for retailers, like restaurants, hotels, bar, snacking, outlets and many other businesses.

You can create many types of mobile applications, like restaurant apps, church apps, hotels apps, etc. We offer crossplatforms development, it means you create once and you get 3 apps : Iphone one, Android one and a webapp (mobile website with the look and feel of the app).

Yes. And without any new app submission process. Your app is automatically up to date. The only things you can't modify on your apps without a new submission are : app icon, app startup image (splash screen), app name, app description, categories and keywords, the mobile website url. If you add the Places/Directory feature while your app is already published, it will not work and your app will need to be republished. Another point concerns the "audio" and "radio" features: if you want them to work with multitasking (navigate through your phone, outside your app, with music keep on playing), you have to integrate them on your first publishing, if your app is already published when you add these features, they won't work in multitasking mode, and you will have to submit again if you want them to work in multitasking. Design, logo (not app icon, just the logo in the news wall feature), colors and of course features are editable when you want and as many times as you need. Furthermore, if you want to change the screenshots of your app on the App Store, the app must be resubmitted.

Smartphones changed our way of living. Indeed, more and more people are using this tool every single day of their life in order to find information concerning businesses they are interested in and which are part of there environment. Thank to applications, users can interact directly with you and can contact you with a simple click. You will be in their pocket all the time. Your application will give you the opportunity to inform continuously your customers, in for example pushing your company’s news forward (especially with the push feature), without forgetting your discounts. Thus an application, offers you the possibility to be part and parcel of your customer’s lifes. In that way, you could increase the standing of your company on a day-to-day basis thanks to ours customer relationship features.

Regarding to Android, the validation of your application on the Store is very short, 24h maximum after having submitted it. Nevertheless the validation period is longer with Apple. Indeed contrary to Google, Apple study your application in depth to know exactly if it corresponds to their standards of validation. In that way, the validation period for the Apple store can take more or less 7-15 days.

You can create thanks with Cell Apps Builder as many applications as you want.

If you do not wish to take care of the creating or submission process yourself, we can do for you. For a small Fee, we will take over the entire creation and submission process for you.

Pricing Options

All Plans include All Features, No Restrictions

Professional App Monthly
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monthly per App

  • Easy-to-use app builder with live previewer
  • Create native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Update content and features without republishing
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Robust app analytics
Free 30-day trial
Professional App All Yearly

Yearly per App

  • Easy-to-use app builder with live previewer
  • Create native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Update content and features without republishing
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Robust app analytics
Free 30-day trial
Professional App One Time

One Time Payment per App

  • Easy-to-use app builder with live previewer
  • Create native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Update content and features without republishing
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Robust app analytics
Free 30-day trial

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Create effective, white-label apps for small business. No technical knowledge needed.

Our applications can run on all devices:

  • Apple
  • Android
  • HTML 5
  • Blackberry
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8
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